Helping Others

Pure Relocation gives financial support to Yang Guang and the China Care Foundation in their efforts to improve the lives of under-privileged children in remote areas of western China. Pure is proud of our association with Yang and China Care Foundation and looks forward to many years of successful partnership.

China Care channels its resources in several ways:

  • By offering direct financial assistance to qualified children to meet their basic material and subsistence needs. This then allows them to pursue their education, and not, as is often the case, have to drop out of school and work to support themselves and their (often extended) family. This support also includes the provision of basic medical services for health checks and treatment to ensure that the supported children are healthy and getting the right level of nutrition.
  • Resources support for selected schools. A lot of the smaller village schools severely lack even basic resources. Even books, the basic building block of a primary education, are scarce. China Care established and resourced a shared school library scheme, where 3 village schools in 3 separate villages shared a library of 300 books donated by China Care. The size of the library continues to grow and China Care wants to replicate this successful scheme in other locations too.
  • Funding or part-funding specific infrastructure projects that help improve children’s daily lives. The picture below is of a water purification installation, funded by China Care, at the Minsheng Primary School in Tongjiang village, Sichuan Province.