Data Protection & Privacy Policy

It is Pure Relocation’s policy to conduct its business in accordance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations of the People’s Republic of China as well as the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

In order to carry out your relocation, we need to collect certain personal information concerning yourself, those that accompany you on your relocation, your residence and your belongings. This information may be provided by your employer (if your employer is the booker of your relocation) or will be requested from you.

The Information We Collect

Pure Relocation collects personal information to understand and meet our customers’ and potential customers’ needs and to fulfil our business objectives. This information is collected by various sources including information provided by our customers, agents other representatives or any third-party agents authorised to act on behalf of Pure Relocation.

“Personal Information” may include client name, origin and destination address and email address, phone number, identification number, passport details and may also include financial information, such as credit card or other bank account data, nature of goods etc. or any other data related to the performance of moving, relocation or other associated services. However, Pure Relocation limits its collection of Personal Information to that which is necessary for its intended purpose and thus does not collect any information that is not relevant to the business/ service objectives.

We may record calls to or from our sales/customer service representatives for purposes of accuracy, performance reviews, training, and general quality assurance. Personal information received from customers and their employees will be used solely for the purposes of delivering authorised services to such customers and employees.

How We Use Personal Information

Pure Relocation uses personal information to carry out its day-to-day business operations. Pure Relocation will generally use Personal information to:

  • Identify its customers and their requirements
  • Conduct surveys
  • Communicate with a Data Subject
  • Comply with human resource requirements
  • Comply with government regulations
  • Provide associate benefits
  • Manage the business


Safety of Your Data

Personal information is stored in a combination of paper and electronic files. Personal information held by Pure Relocation is not accessible publicly. We take reasonable measures to protect personal information against loss, misuse and alteration of the information under our control.

  • We maintain physical, electronic, and procedural guidelines to protect your Personal Information.
  • We assess our security standards and procedures periodically to protect against unauthorized access to Personal Information.
  • We store Personal Information only for as long as is needed for legitimate business purposes, or as required by contractual or legal requirements.
  • We limit access to Personal Information on a need to know basis only.
  • However, unfortunately, no system is perfect. Therefore, Pure Relocation makes no representations or warranties regarding the sufficiency of these security measures. Pure Relocation shall not be responsible for any actual or consequential damages that result from a lapse in compliance with this Privacy Policy because of a security breach or technical malfunction.


Disclosure of Information

Pure Relocation does not share personal information it holds with any unauthorised external third parties except as disclosed in this policy.

There are situations where the Company may disclose collected personal information to third parties as permitted or required by law. Personal Data provided to Pure Relocation will generally be kept confidential, but by contracting Pure Relocation a customer is conseting to the disclosure of their Personal Data to the following categories of parties:

  • Our third-party service or product providers as we may determine to be necessary or appropriate
  • Any person to whom we are compelled or required to do so under law or in response to a legitimate instruction from a competent or government agency;
  • Government entities, courts or other entities, such as in response to summons or other legal or regulatory processes, or to protect against fraud.
  • Pursuant to an order of a court of competent jurisdiction;
  • Where applicable, third parties who provide related services or products in connection with our business;
  • Government agencies, statutory authorities and industry regulators;
  • Our auditors, consultants, accountants, lawyers or other financial or professional advisers
  • Our sub-contractors or third-party service or product providers as may determine to be necessary or appropriate



Pure Relocation’s website ( uses Cookies to track IP address, geographical locations and to track a user’s visits and uses that information to improve the user’s experience. Pure Relocation does not use cookies to track or store users’ personal information in any manner.


Pure Relocation may amend this policy from time to time. If such amendments affect how Pure Relocation uses or discloses personal information already held by us in a material way, we will obtain consent from its owner.

Notwithstanding the general terms of this policy, the collection, use, and disclosure of personal information may be made outside of the terms herein to the extent provided for in any applicable privacy or other legislation in effect from time to time.

Pure Relocation may disclose personal information to another entity purchasing (including for diligence purposes prior to purchase) the assets of Pure Relocation if entity abides by this or a similar privacy policy.