Information Privacy Notice

In order to carry out your relocation, we need to collect certain personal information concerning
Yourself, those that accompany you on your relocation, your residence and your belongings. This
information may be provided by your employer (if your employer is the booker of your relocation) or
will be requested from yourself. When your removal involves moving to, from or within the EU, the
European Union’s General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) apply to your removal.

Pure Relocation and her network partners have strict rules for the collection, storage, protection and
release of your personal data:

• any personal information collected will only be used for the purposes of carrying out your
relocation and (if relevant) related activities and services such as insurance, interactions with
authorities etc.;
• personal information will only be shared with those parties or authorities involved in effecting
your relocation. Pure Relocation will never sell, trade or share personal information
with third parties. Pure Relocation and her network partners have strict privacy policies
in place;
• Pure Relocation does not engage in profiling based on personal information. No automated
decision making is done;
• information may be shared with companies inside or outside the EU where this is necessary to
carry out your relocation;
• within the EU, Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland, the GDPR regulations apply; outside the EU,
some countries are considered by the EU to have sufficient protective legislation (Andorra,
Argentina, Canada – commercial organisations only, Faroe Islands, Guernsey, Isle of Man,
Israel, Japan, Jersey, New Zealand, South-Korea, Switzerland, United Kingdom and Uruguay);
• our Harmony Relocation network partners around the world are subject to strict internal policies
concerning data protection that apply to our international removals;
• Pure Relocation retains removal files for 7 years for accountancy purposes. After this period,
personal information is anonymised and/or destroyed.

In countries where the GDPR applies:

• you have the right to access the information gathered by your moving company, to demand
correction of any incorrect information, or to have your personal information removed (within the
limits of our legal retention). For this you may contact your move local coordinator or the contact
• you have the right to complain to the relevant authorities (each country has its own information
privacy authority) if you feel your data privacy has been dealt with incorrectly.

• Please be advised that there are certain countries where shipping information is freely available or
can be obtained on the basis of freedom of information. If in a specific country shipping or customs
information is publicly available this is beyond our control. Harmony and its Member companies
cannot be responsible for the publication of information which is legally obtained from third parties

For further inquiries you may contact Bruce Zhang at the address below –